Passion is the most powerful energy source in the world because it is inexhaustible


Always engaged with energy

A lot has happened at ELMYA since 1966. We have changed the light bulbs of street lamps; brought electricity and irrigation to the rural sector of Andalusia, changing the lives of many farmers; built infrastructure to prepare the city of Seville for EXPO ’92; enabled the opening of shopping centres; formed a team of people trained to tackle major tasks and contributed to a cleaner world with more sustainable energy…
But we have also lived, created a family, seen our children grow and be educated to sustain their parent’s dreams and become the driving force behind ELMYA today.
We have contributed values. We have created a path. We have made a family’s story.

a new generation of liders

Looking towards the future

In 2015 José María Piñar Parias and Rafael Ramos handed over the helm to their children, symbolising a changing of the guard in ELMYA’s management team and continuing the path pioneered by the founders by opening the doors to the world.
ELMYA knows no borders. Three continents. Seven countries. And always constantly evolving.

so much to celebrate

Happiness and recognition in a wondelful place

The event to celebrate ELMYA’s fiftieth anniversary took place at Las Setas de la Encarnación de Sevilla on 17 November 2016. The founders and the CEO delivered emotional speeches within the framework of the conference “A Renewable Future, from Subsidies to Competitiveness” that included recognition by the government of the significance of their work, expert debates and above all… celebration and applause for a lifetime devoted to energy and making a better world.

Experience it with us

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